Bunk Bed Railings


Our last travel trailer had double bunk beds that was sandwiched in between the bathroom and outside of the camper, this was nice when they were smaller because there was no way for them to fall off the side of the beds. And since they were smaller they were more easily convinced to sleep on the bottom bunk! Now with our new trailer the kids have a bunk room!

They are so excited about this and are already asking if they can sleep on the top. I knew we wouldn’t get very far with making them sleep on the bottom. So I have to come up with a cute and creative way of installing a bed railing for them. This will allow me to sleep better at night knowing they can’t fall out!

So with my idea and my husbands handiness we came up with these. It was a team effort, which are projects I love the most.

We purchased all the items and measured it out. I didn’t want one long enough to stretch the entire side of the bed so we ended up with a 2 foot pipe. We put all the pieces together then I used Goo Gone and a decal scraper to clean the pipes up and get the grease off of them. Then we sealed them with spray sealant. Once they were dry we attached them. Since the camper wasn’t level at the time we used out best “eyeball” to determine they were level.

Check out link for Goo Gone

Cleaning them up and sealing the metal

The final look was perfect and will allow us to all get a good rest at night!

The finished product!



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