New Year, New Travel Trailer

We upgraded our camper in February 2021 to a Keystone Springdale 298BH. We had an entry level Coleman for a few years and loved our memories we made. The only tricky part came when we took other families with us or we have inclement weather. The 27 foot travel trailer became small on the inside with 8-10 people inside!

My husband and I had a date day when he suggested we look at travel trailers. He has been looking over the winter and we decided that we would pray about it and see what our tax return would look like. We visited RCD-RV in Delaware, OH. My husband and a sales man (Ben) had talked over the phone prior to our arrival. They had a variety of travel trailers with our “wants” and in our price range. Ben let us tour them first on our own (which I appreciated because it felt less like a sales pitch).

We walked through a few that had the small upgrades we wanted. Basically we wanted to add 1 slide out to our floor plan. The slide out provided us with more living room inside. The Springdale 298BH we decided on had a few other nice features and now we will feel like we are living in luxury.

The process was smooth. They took our evaluation of our previous camper for trade in value. Down payment was given on that day. We then parted ways for the weekend and the following week we signed on the dotted line, had a 2 hour walk through of all the features, we could ask a million and one questions, and got our last few tips/tricks from more experienced campers.

So all in all we are very thankful that we had the ability to make these small upgrades. And looking forward to the adventures to come!

The sign had our name on it the day we went to pick it up. Nice personalized touch!

Thanks to everyone, especially Ben, at RCDRV (Delaware) for making it such an easy process.

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