Booking at Ohio State Parks


The booking process for camping sites at Ohio State Parks has been a learning process. I have become more familiar with their site over the last few years but initially I didn’t believe it was very user friendly.  The more I navigate it the better I have become.

A Few Helpful Hints

  • Book 6 months out. (this is the best tip I can give you) Full hook-ups book up fast. You have to be exact (and sometimes early in the mornings) to get a specific site. We pick the weekend we want to go and then I walk back 6 months in my calendar and set a reminder
  • Many Ohio State Park campgrounds remain open all year round, however during the winter season they limit the number of sites available and/or amenities. Many parks that remain open may limit water and electricity available. You can search for the park you are looking for here and sort the columns
  • During COVID precautions, reservations are required.  No walk up’s are taken.
  • Create a log-in, so you can keep all your past and future reservations in one location, and earn points
  • Put in as much specific/preferred information in your search criteria as you can.
  • Look up images of the campground map on a search engine (Google, Bing, etc) to become familiar with the layout
  • Book based on seasonal amenities (example: do they have a beach for the summer months or the hills and lots of foliage for spring/fall).  We will plan our trips based on what locations are better suited for that season.
  • If you have traveled to a desired park before, walk the campgrounds and take note of desired spaces for future dates and keep a journal.

For us, important criteria would be in this order (1) close to playground (2) close to beach or water view (3) if not full hook up close to bathrooms (4) on a round about so our kids can ride bikes in the circle and still be in our view

A great guide to the Ohio State Parks is provided here. Provides everything from day use information to overnight amenities

And continue to come back to our blog, as we travel to different parks we will be surveying the grounds for specifics and providing ratings for the parks

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