Lake Alma Campground Layout and Rating

Lake Alma Campground was nice, small, quiet, and full of trees. Tucked in on the other side of the lake off the busy road you’ll find 76 spots. They offer full service (6), electric (67), and non electric (10) spots. From first appearances and impression it seems to be an older campground. It is a tighter fit than most state parks and your camping spots aren’t as large as you would expect from other state parks. However, it still had a lot to offer and we would recommend checking this one out. Click here for our weekend review. See below for more specifics.

Woodpeckers! Not a normal sound to hear but every morning when I was up to walk the dog I heard many of them. We even got to see and hear one on our hike on the Acorn Trail.


The road to the campground entrance is a one lane road with 1/4 of the road allocated for walking/biking. When you turn into the campground there is the dump station and fresh water station. There are some fresh water filling stations spread throughout the park as well. The roads are narrow and only one camper can fit on the road at a time. There is no room to pass by a camper or another car. Like any state park pulling out on Sundays can be a long process with everyone waiting to dump their tanks. However, this one would be more problematic than most given the layout and width of the road. There is no escaping the traffic leaving this state park on a Sunday and on a weekend where there was less than 15 campers we even experienced a line. I cannot imagine pulling out of here during peak season. I would recommend either leaving early or planning on taking your time on Sunday.

There is one turnaround in the park and for our 35″ camper it was tight. We only needed to use the turnaround because we missed our spot when we first pulled in. Your camping spot will be paved, which is a nice benefit. However the majority of them are uneven. We will talk about that a little later.

They also have two small creeks that run over the roads, yes I said OVER the roads. It is a paved area that allows the campers/cars to drive through the water. Depending on how wet of a season the water levels will change. However, there is a small foot bridge to use if not able to walk through.


There is little to no privacy between spots. There are a few tree’s but that doesn’t provide for much separation. Here (see left) are a few spots that have absolutely no privacy and are very close together, I don’t think you could even have a campfire given the space between campers. Sites 1-6 there was only room for a picnic table with very little grassy area.


There is one newer shower house in the middle of the park. It has 4 rooms, each room includes a flush toilet, water, hand soap, hand air dryer and shower. This bathroom is ADA accessible. There is one older bathroom towards that front of the campground that has no flush toilets and each gender has 3 stalls.


The beach at Lake Alma would be in walking distance about .3 miles from the campground. It was pretty big and had grills and a playground. This is not a private campers beach so you could also have families from the community. It was one of the nicer beaches we have seen at a state park. It had a lot of sand and was very clean.

Amphitheater is at the front of the campgrounds, my guess like other state parks they have movies on some evenings during peak season.

Shuffleboard game with the equipment needed to play, however, equipment was mostly broken and needs replenished.

There is a nice playground at the front of the campground that our girls loved to play on. A set of swings (3 regular and 1 baby) and a play area with 3 slides. It also has 2 picnic tables and grill. The playground looked relatively newer.

Many small creeks ran through the property. Many campsites have a creek that runs behind. Our girls loved playing in it, I wish I could have brought their rain boots so they could get more “in” it. In the summer time water shoes of some sort would be beneficial.

Besides the options I have offered above I would bring some toys for your kids, since they have no planned activities. We had a soccer ball, kids bean bag toss gamekids velcro ball toss game, and chalk . Inside we have coloring books, markersaquabeads , and movies for early morning activities.


Five hiking trails cross the park (the bolded ones are the trails we used):

  • Acorn Trail – 1 Mile – Moderate
  • Island Loop Trail – 0.5 Mile – Moderate
  • Lake Loop Trail – 1.4 Mile – Easy. Multi-use paved path; connects to the Wellston Bike Path that ends at the old train station in downtown Wellston
  • Old Pine Trail – 0.72 Mile – Moderate
  • Sassafras Trail – 0.57 Mile – Moderate


Hand-powered boats with electric motors only are permitted at Lake Alma. The boat launch ramp is located at the northeast edge of the lake. There was also information to rent boats from the campground office.

Dog Park

They have a fence in dog park. It had fencing on 3 sides with the fourth side open to the lake. I’m guessing a lovely area for them to cool off during hot summer months.


We saw many great fishing spots. You can fish for bass, bluegill, crappie, and channel catfish. A fishing license is required for >16 years of age.

Best and Worst Spots

Below we will review some of the best and worst spots we noticed on our walks through the campground.

  • 1-6 as discussed above are very close to one another
  • 9 is an okay spot as it is right by a creek that runs through the campgrounds but it is also right next to a small foot bridge that people need to take to get over the creek. So there will often be people walking close to your camping spot to take the bridge.
  • 28: nice site, LOTS of privacy but you need to turn around in a short parking area to back in which may be harder for longer campers, right next to trail head.
  • 37: lots of land, but would need to be a shorter camper
  • 46: electric only, level surface, close to bathrooms (plus since it’s not a full hook-up), the fire ring is behind your camper (this is a positive so on windy days you don’t have to worry about having your windows open on your camper for smoke to come in ) and it was right by creek, so when you are sitting by the campfire you will also be sitting by the rushing water of the creek. If we were to do just an electric hookup this would be our first choice.
  • 50-53 short and steep pads
  • 55 by river but level pad
  • 66 was our spot. Full hook up, lots of open grassy area. Next to the shuffle board, play ground, and amphitheater. Beautiful view of the lake and sunsets, we were able to sit at our campsite and see the sunset over the lake and watch the kids play at the park.

Summary and Rating

We really enjoyed this campground. Thankful we had a full hook-up since we were farther from the “nicer” bathroom. We plan to re-visit Lake Alma during the summer months so that we can enjoy the beach, we believe that this would also be a great spot for Fall foliage!

Ratings (1-5, 5 Being the Best)

Overall Rating: 3.3

Cleanliness/Modernness of Campground: 3

Campground Layout/Lots: 2.5

Scenery: 5

Amenities: 3.5

Local Attractions: 2.5

Visit the state park website here for more information

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