Wireless Remote Meat Thermometer

My husband got this meat thermometer for a gift Christmas of 2020. I never really understood the excitement that he had for it until I used it recently to cook teriyaki chicken. We had a soccer practice that we had to get to for one of our girls and he was on a work call late; so I took it upon myself to grill the chicken for dinner.

I feel like chicken is a difficult food to grill. To make sure it reach the USDA preset temperature of 165 of poultry but not cooking it too long and drying it out.

I’ve seen him use the thermometer in the past, but had never used it myself. I threw the teriyaki chicken (see our recipe here) on the grill and then opened the box.

How to use

I removed the two monitors from the box along with 1 of the 2 probes. The second probe would be nice if cooking a different type of meat or a larger piece of meat like a whole turkey. It had easy instructions of where to plug the probe in to the monitor.

Next, you can set the temperature manually or to the USDA preset temperature for 9 types of meat and their various doneness levels. No synchronization required for the two devices.

From there I placed the probe in the thickest slice of chicken breast, placed the orange monitor outside the grill, resting on the shelf, and waited. Halfway through I flipped the chicken over and went back inside prepping the rest of dinner. When the internal temperature for the chicken reached 165 degrees Fahrenheit the monitor alarmed and the chicken was done. Sounds pretty easy, right?

No more slicing the chicken open to see if the pink has disappeared. This meat thermometer takes the hassle out of cooking and allows you to place the perfect piece of meat on the table for your family and friends.

Not only have we used it with our grill we have also used it with our Pit Barrel Smoker and have had excellent results.

Some other features of the device includes: (1) 300 foot distance so you can still enjoy your company while preparing the meal (2) Large LCD displays (3) back-lit for use in low light conditions (4) count up and countdown settings (5) probe wires can withstand up to 716 Fahrenheit

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