A few of our favorite upgrades

In the winter of 2021 we decided to upgrade a few things on our camper. We wanted a little more living space so we went on a search. Click here to see our review of the dealership RCD RV and the purchase of our Keystone travel trailer.

The fireplace may be one of Sean’s favorite features. And this coming from a man when we camped last fall he didn’t want to turn on the furnace! Since the fireplace runs off of electric we don’t have to use our propane as much for the furnace.

Another feature that was a perk to Sean is an outside TV mount. The TV can pop off its mount on the inside of the Keystone travel trailer and hook right outside. Previous years we have had to bring a bigger TV and extra table for movie nights or for football season.

Our girls favorite area is the bunk room. They had bunk beds in our old camper but NOW they have a room with 5 bunk beds (perfect for their cousins and friends) and a door! The door features seems small but will be nice for when kids are changing or when one wants to sleep in a little longer. Previously we had to have 1 family in the camper at a time to change clothes. They will of course want to sleep on the top bunks so my husband (being so handy) took an idea I had for railings and made them come to life!

A full tutorial on bunk railings for our little girls is here!

For my perks, the kitchen! Its small but I have a more counter space which will be nice for prepping food for the campfire and grill. The refrigerator is bigger too. Weekend trips having a small frig was fine but when we are gone longer than a weekend or have family/friends with us there wouldn’t be enough room.

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