Lazy River Campground Layout and Rating

This was our second trip to to Lazy River Campground, America’s Only FUNGROUND. Our first trip was the Fall of 2020, a chilly football weekend was a fun time. This time we wanted to test it out during the summer to enjoy their warm weather activities. Unfortunately we didn’t have the best weather, some rain, but we made the most of our weekend.

They have 54 full hook-up with cable sites that are spread throughout the campground. The rest of the sites consist of water/electric creek side (9), water/electric/cable (22), and then a smaller number of water/electric sites that look more to be tent areas. They also have a large number of seasonal spots for those looks to just park their camper for the summer months. Here is their campground map.

Unlike our trip last Fall, during the summer months all weekend trips with a full hook up is a minimum of a 3 night stay. This makes planning around our work week a little more difficult, but when we are forced to take a 3 day weekend, we are always thankful come that third day.

Located in the beautiful Welsh Hills of Licking County sitting just 25 miles east of Columbus, Ohio, it provides up a nice easy drive for a weekend trip. It you want to make more than weekend trip out of it, check out the area attractions that include Dawes Arboretum, National Trail Raceway, and the Wilds just to name a few.

In the Summer and Fall months of 2016, Bruce Willis’s movie, First Kill, was partially filmed at Lazy River. We will definitely be watching this movie soon to see which parts we can pick out. Here are 2 clips from the news stores surrounding the filming, ABC6 and the Newark Advocate.


Main roads through the campground are paved. We like this so our kids can bring their bikes! Some of the non-main roads are gravel. The pads that you park on are grass and straw. As this didn’t cause a problem for us I could see where there could be some issues in regards to the pads being level.

It rained a lot during our stay and the night before we left there were puddles in the grass under our truck. I was worried if if rained overnight again we may get stuck in the mud trying to get out. Our strip of where campers were parked had no major water issues, but in walking around the campground one morning with the dog after a major rain there were a handful of spots that had puddles of water in their grass.

We didn’t have to use any leveling agents for our spot and didn’t see many other need to use them either. Making setting up easier, so I would say their spots are pretty level!


Quiet hours were observed which is always nice when we have little kids!

There is no major freeway nearby and the campground overall is very quiet. Very little privacy between camping spots, but not uncommon in a commercialized campground.


There are 3 shower-houses on the grounds. One right by the pool that has toilets and showers. The floor is almost always wet (from people using it from the pool) and didn’t seem as clean as I would prefer.

The other 2 shower-houses are located about 1/3 of the way in from either end of the campground, making it convenient no matter where you camp.


We got lucky the weekend we were there they had a kids dance party and DJ! Super fun for our small kids. As the sun set he had strobe lights and the kids danced the night away on the basketball court.


Two playground in the middle of the park make a great spots for kids little and big. The smaller playground sits close to the pool and camp store with baby swings, monkey bars, slides and a tire swing.

The larger playground sits next to the creek and the Ohio Adventures two story challenge course. Tall slides and many fun extras, this is great for the older kids in your family

Water Activities

Two pools and a splash pad anchor the main area of the campground. A smaller pool, that my guess may have been the original is directly behind the camp store. Connected to that pool is a spray ground. And then sharing the other side of the fence is a large pool with 3 water slides. The water slides were my kids favorite! Perfect for any size kid if your family. It was also nice to have a shallow end of either side of that larger pool, perfect for the younger kids in your family.

Plenty of chair surround both pools and a bathhouse close for those needed bathroom breaks.

Restaurant and Food Options

They have a walk up snack shack by the gift shop. They have a variety of breakfast sandwiches, pizza, hamburgers, and more. We didn’t try any of their food, but saw a variety of people grabbing food.

Golf Carts

They do have some golf carts to rent. If you are in and around the pool/playground area I wouldn’t believe that you would need it unless you are handicap. If you are closer to the registration gate, it may be beneficial.

All the rest

They have a small game room and miniature golf course for extra fees.

Ohio Adventures is located inside the campground. My nephews loved the 2 story challenge course last fall and this summer my girls got their chance to conquer it. For $10 for 30 minutes you can tackle any of the 19 obstacles with a harness in place. The website states you have to be 48 inches to participate. My youngest is close to that but they allowed her to go with my husband. The height requirement is so you can hook and unhook your harness as you move throughout the course.

They also have a zipline that stands 30 feet in the air, unfortunately both last fall and our trip this summer it hasn’t been open.

A laser tag course of the other side of the creek is available for rental.

Here is the link to check out all the above amenities


There are 2 hiking trails on the other side of the creek. An upper trail and lower trail (aka Bruce Willis Trail). My 7 year old daughter and I went out one afternoon, collected some worms and just had some nice mommy daughter time. We got to the far end of the upper trail and tried to take the bridge back to the campground but there was no bridge. So we walked back the lower trail (Bruce Willis Trail) to come back the way we started.

Later that day I asked in the gift shop why I couldn’t find the bridge and they take the bridge out when the creek water is too high. So unfortunately I didn’t know this before we set out. My suggestion is at the trail heads they post a sign when they take the bridge out! It all worked out and we had a nice time but just twice as long than planned.


No boats to rent or large lake to go one around the campgrounds. We did see some adults on large inner tubes floating down the creek. After a few days of rain it was pretty high and moving pretty fast. Not a place I would let my kids in when the water was moving as fast as it was.

Dog Park

They have 1 large dog park on the opposite end of the registration desk. It was pretty muddy after all the rain we got, but I’m sure on normal dry and hot summer days it would be pretty nice.


No real fishing within the property of the campground. My oldest daughter went with my husband in the edge of the creek to catch minnows. Then of course we had to keep the minnow in our camper for the night for her to play with before returning it to the creek the next day. This was before we had a bunch of rain and the creek would have been unsafe for smaller kids.

Best and Worst Spots

We loved our spot that we were in between the pool and the playground. The two places our kids spend the most time. We could sit from our site, 67, and see them at that park!

However I will say we had a skunk problem. Our first night we saw some creatures walking across the road from where we were. We got the flash lights out and it was a family of skunks! They didn’t bother us but we heard the next morning they sprayed a dog a few campers down.

The next night I had to go open the grey water tank after it was dark outside. I took my flashlight and checked under and around the camper before I headed out and didn’t see anything. So I opened the tank, a few minutes later closing it. As I walked back around to the door a skunk ran out from under our corn hole set.

I’m all for nature and letting animals be in their natural habitat but we could have done without skunks!


Price varies depending on time of year. During the summer months there is a 3 night stay minimum. Also it’s an additional $5 per kid, per night.

There is an extra price for kids but I will say they have scheduled activities and theme weekends. They also have an arts/crafts room that is inside (perfect for when it was raining for us!) Many free activities and some for small fee.

Here is an easy link to check out their pricing.

Summary and Rating

Overall Rating: 3.8

Cleanliness/Modernness of Campground: 4

Campground Layout/Lots: 3.5

Scenery: 4

Amenities: 4

Local Attractions: 3.5

Value of Price: 4

Here is the link to their campground, I hope you check it out and see what all there is to enjoy!

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